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June 2011

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Blue October - Synthpop Remixed, Vol. 1

Artist: Blue October
Album: Synthpop Remixed, Vol. 1
Blue October Synthpop Remixed, Vol. 1
Tracklist :
  • Sky [invered motions through a cosmos mix]


I was in my 2nd year of university, in February 2010. I pulled this girl after a night out in the club and she invited me back to her house. After that night she told me she was with her boyfriend but was breaking it off and they had been together for three years. For the next 3 months of the remainder of the year, I continued to sleep with her after nights out, and went on a few dates with her aswel

By this point I had started to like this girl quite a lot, even though i had been warned by her her best mate, who happened to be a very close friend of mine aswell , not to bother because she lied and had cheated on her ex not only with me, but several occasions during their 3 year relationship. However, I was getting increasingly attached to this girl, but I always sensed from the start that she wasn't as in to me as i was with her, despite her telling me "how much she liked me." anyway, the end of term party came, and her ex had found out who i was, and rightfully so had punched me, and i ended up sleeping again with loren, after a very drama-fuelled night

Anyway, after that night she was like "what do u want from this, from whats been goin on in the last 4 months? and i wanted to be with her because i liked her so much, and never felt so much intense passion for a girl when we kissed it was awesome. Anyway, the night after this, she text me out of the blue and told me to leave her alone, then her EX, who apparently she didnt speak to anymore, sent me a text the minute later also telling me to leave her alone. So clearly she was with him at that time

Anyway, we did not speak for the whole of summer, but in October 2010, so some 6 months later, she and her best mate (my close mate) were out in a club, and i ended up again spending the night with her, and she then said i want to make a go of it. i was skeptical, but my feelings from seeing her brought my intense passion racing back, so i visited her to her house everal times, but she never really made the effort to come to mine. Then out of the blue about a month later, she claims that it isnt working out, and i was like why? and she said we dont see each other enough, anyway we didnt speak again for months, and the next time we spoke was january, and she told me she had slept with 4 boys since the split, but wanted again to try because "she missed me." she did come down to see me this time for a weekend, and we had an amazing weekend laughing together, and things went well for another two months, but again i was always having to make the effort and initiate to see her. However two months down the line, she rings and claims her mate saw me kissing someone else in the club, and i hadnt, anyway she breaks it off again, and we dont speak until about a week ago to this today. She had slept with 3 new people again, but still i loved hearing her voice and we ended up sleeping together again after being at a mutual friends birthday, then she wanted me to go down her house and spend the day and night, which i did. However, despite the various people telling me that she was a nasty piece of work and to stay away, it was torturously hard because i had never lost my infatuation for her, i dont think it is love

On saturday night just gone however (9/4/11) i hear that she had kissed one of my best friendss in a club, and i thought i was getting over her, but i cried and was furious at her for doing that. She claimed she was so drunk, but her reputation and past history with boys confirmed for me what an absolute nightmare she was, but i am furious how i still cannot get over her, and most evenings cry a little at why i cannot let go. (I would like to add that after the first few times ever we slept together, she told me that she had drunkenly slept with her ex's best mate, which wasnt a good omen

Anyway, today i removed her from facebook, skype as she was pestering me being all apologetic and wanting to come down and stay! i was like after what you have just done, are you completely psycho?! anyway, i even had the network guys remove and block her number from contacting my phone

last week she was pestering me demanding we meet, so she drove me down to my house 2 hours away, slept together loads and in the morning, she was like i really like you still. However thursday she went from the club with some random guy slept with him then turned up at my house 3 hours later wanting sex.i was disgusted but so in love with her i did it anyway. Yesterday we met up at her house walked along the beach lay in the park and she was saying "how much she was going to prove herself to me and that we are so meant to be together." please help me whoever is out there because i feel trapped, sickened and im addicted and i cant get out the other night then she slept with another random bloke and text me in the morning to suggest everything was fine...shes a disease and her best friend even had to ring me to tell me that she went back wi


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